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We are dedicated to creating sustainable, environmentally conscious designs that prioritize energy efficiency and reduce waste. We believe that good design should be both beautiful and sustainable, and we strive to create buildings that meet the needs of our clients while minimizing their environmental impact.


Our team approach each project with a focus on sustainable design, using innovative materials and technologies to create efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. We prioritize sustainability and efficiency in every aspect of our work, from the materials we use to the design decisions we make.


We are committed to creating buildings that are not only beautiful and functional, but also sustainable and energy-efficient, with a focus on reducing our clients' carbon footprint.


With a strong portfolio of innovative designs, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of architecture, creating cutting-edge structures that seamlessly blend functionality, sustainability, aesthetics and with a vision for creating inspiring spaces.

Our journey in architecture began with a passion for transforming spaces, turning empty canvases into captivating structures that tell a story. Armed with a combined educational knowledge in architecture and years of hands-on experience, we have honed our skills in various architectural styles, from modern minimalism to extravagant designs.

But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to creating spaces that have a positive impact on people's lives. Our goal is not just to create visually striking buildings, but also to prioritize energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, the well-being of those who inhabit these spaces and most of all avoiding costly mistakes.

NPA firmly believes that architecture has the power to shape society and create a better future. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices, utilizing renewable resources, and incorporating green spaces into our designs. By seamlessly integrating nature with architecture, we aim to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities alike.

Passionate about collaboration, we are always eager to work with like-minded professionals, developers, and organizations who share our vision. By working together, we strongly believe we can create groundbreaking designs that transform our cities and leave a positive, lasting legacy.

If you're looking for a design which will bring your vision to life, while prioritizing sustainability and functionality, look no further. With our innovative approach, extensive experience, and commitment to our best, we will aim to exceed your expectations and ensuring that your project meets your needs.

We deal with any project for any stage in Greece, United Kingdom and Worldwide. It does not matter how S,M,L,XL is the project, we always work with the same effort and passion.

Nikos Papagrigoriou

He is the director and founder of NPA, RIBA Chartered Architect (Royal Institute British Architects) and qualified registered Architect in ARB and TCG. He currently holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Environmental Design and Architecture in Town Planning (MSc), Master in Architectural Engineering (MA) and a BA Honours in Architecture (BA Hons).

Experience with a wide ranging portfolio which gathers projects created for private individuals and commercial clients in a variety of sectors, from low-rise and mid-rise residential and housing complexes to hotels and commercial spaces in Greece, UK and abroad. Projects from the early design stage to completion, providing full technical information and support, maintaining a sensitive approach to both social issues and the clients’ unique needs and expectations in terms of design, management and consultation with an efficient and sustainable way of thinking. Manage simple to more complex briefs with innovative design and materials as well as efficiency and sustainabilty. With over of two decades of experience there are a numerous of successful residential, commercial and hospitality projects from start to completion.

"Architecture is not just about building structures, but crafting experiences that embrace the essence of the view. A true architect blends the beauty of nature with the art of design to create spaces that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings." .

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